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Commercial Inspection

If you are thinking of buying or selling commercial property in Conrad, a building inspection from qualified Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections inspectors will save you from costly surprises during real estate negotiations. We will ensure that your property is in compliance with Conrad fire and regulatory codes.

You never want to purchase property without having it professionally inspected first. When you hire Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections to examine the commercial property in question, you are investing in the longevity of your ability to conduct business there. When we inspect your property, we will let you know whether it is the right purchase or not.

We are the most competitively priced commercial inspection service in the area.

If you require an inspection service from a team of experienced pros, please remember our name.

You can schedule your inspection today! Give us a call at (406) 799-3917 to get started.

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections commercial building inspections include a professional evaluation of:

Foundations and basements

Any issue with a foundation often has consequences for the rest of the structure. A shift in the foundation will cause a loss of integrity which will become an expensive repair. Moisture issues are also of specific importance when inspecting a basement as excess moisture can lead to mold.

Interior structure

Load bearing walls must be in prime condition but there is more than just that. Insulation and the buildings ability to stop heat transfer is immensely important to the overall functionality of the property. We verify the following:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Windows
  • Doors, stairways
  • Railings

All these components factor into the safety and usability of the building. Each building element plays a role in day-to-day use, and they must be all up to snuff. Our detailed reports will give you a better idea of what needs to be done before making this potentially significant purchase.

Exterior components

Whatever material used on the exterior of the building is its main form of protection against the elements. If the exterior is compromised, then further inspection is required to find out just how extensive the damage is.

Our exterior inspections are always very thorough. We will begin by going around the property and looking at the natural elements that may impose on the structure. We inspect the foundation all around the property, looking for imperfections that impact the interior. We will look at the state of the siding or cladding on the building and then inspect the state of the roof.

Roof structures and overhangs

If a roof is not properly protecting its occupants or the structure, it can lead to unforeseen water damage and result in costly repairs.

The roof of any building is one of the most integral parts. Your roof is your first defense against rain and storms, and it is the primary insulator of any structure. Any flaws in your roof will result in expensive repairs and countless dollars wasted on heating. Our job is to inspect your roof and report the state it is in, in detail. Whether your roof passes our inspection quality test is a great indication of whether this is the right building to purchase.

Electrical distribution systems

Is everything up to code? Are the electrical needs of the occupants met? Is it energy efficient?

Electricity is another element in the building that will be utilized every day. Your electrical system must be in working order. Otherwise, you will need to pay for costly electrical services.

We will run a series of tests that prove your electrical system's efficiency or inefficiency. Depending on what kind of business you plan on running, your electrical usage will vary. Electricity is a very important factor in the building you are thinking of buying, and we will take great care in carrying out the inspection.

Heating and cooling systems

HVAC systems are crucial to the welfare of a building’s occupants. However, larger buildings have extensive ductwork and if there is a problem that means that certain areas are not getting the appropriate amount of efficient climate control.

We will conduct a very detailed inspection of your duct systems and your central HVAC unit to ensure it is in working order. Since your HVAC unit is responsible for the comfort of everyone that will be spending time within the building, we take great care during this part of the process. We possess great knowledge about HVAC systems, so you can trust us for your inspection needs.


Is your home experiencing leaks, constantly running toilets or clogged drains? How old are the pipes? There are many plumbing issues that you need to know about before you buy.

These are only a few of the services we perform on the commercial buildings of Conrad. For a more complete understanding please feel free to contact us!

An official Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections inspection includes a complete written report that details the precise condition of a building in Conrad based on a number of factors:

  • Building size
  • Building age
  • Height
  • Location
  • Access
  • Previous & intended use

Commercial Inspection Vs Residential Inspection

Inspection services for commercial buildings in Conrad differ slightly from residential inspections by providing a full in-depth analysis of a range of factors useful to realtors, investors, contractors and other building professionals. Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections inspectors place personal safety at the forefront of each inspection and provide information that helps property holders ensure that their buildings are free from insect infestation, fire hazards and are structurally intact.

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections provides inspections in Conrad for a variety of commercial buildings including:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Retail Complexes
  • Office Buildings
  • Convenience Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Strip Malls
  • Warehouses

Accurate Inspection for All Commercial Buildings

Qualified to provide reliable services for a variety of commercial structures, ranging from new constructions, to heritage buildings, Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections’s highly skilled inspectors have years of experience that property owners can rely on for important investment decisions.

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections's inspections are all very detailed. The quality of our inspections has made our name the most desired inspection team in the area. You can count on our deep structural knowledge to get you the inspection you need.

Call us for more information and to schedule an appointment. You can reach us at (406) 799-3917.

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