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Property Inspector in Great Falls

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections is the leading property inspector serving Great Falls and the surrounding area. With years of experience, we’ve developed a strong reputation for prompt service, robust inspections, and client-focused solutions. Our professional expertise ensures a complete assessment of your property, giving you just what you need to know your best course of action. Homeowners, business owners, property developers: All can depend on us as their go-to property inspection company.

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Great Falls’ Most Trusted Property Inspector

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections is proud to offer tailored solutions that property owners can count on. We’ve spent years honing our craft to provide a professional service that ticks all the boxes. Whether you’re buying a home, selling property, or need some extra peace of mind, our comprehensive inspection services have you covered.

As a client, you can expect:

  • Timely turnarounds
  • Friendly, professional service
  • Client-focused solutions
  • Thoughtful advice and guidance
  • Thorough inspection reports
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

We work with diligence and experience to provide a service that meets our clients’ precise needs. We utilize the latest non-destructive techniques (NDTs) to ensure our inspections give you a total assessment of your property’s current condition. That way, you can make the right choice for you, your family, or your business. Get the information you need. Choose the inspector you can trust. Contact us to book your inspection today.

Full-Service Home Inspections

Homebuyers and sellers can depend on us for professional inspections and quality advice. Our services give you just what you need to make an informed investment decision on your property.

For home sellers, we offer pre-listing inspections to help you know your house’s worth and take any necessary steps to improve its market value.

Homebuyers can turn to us to ensure their prospective home is safe and ready for occupancy—and that it doesn’t need tons of TLC before move-in. Whatever your needs, our rigorous inspection methods are sure to meet them every step of the way.

Foundation Inspection

Without a sturdy foundation, your home or business is susceptible to preventable water damage. In addition, if you are planning to buy a home with structural issues you may also run into issues with securing a lender and insurance.

Wouldn't it be nice to know about this type of damage before you plan to sell or move in? This way, you can budget and prepare for repairs accordingly, rather than facing an emergency situation.

We are trained to spot cracks and other problems in foundation types of all kinds. When we perform an inspection, we take into account:

  • Water drainage
  • Landscaping and watering requirements
  • Cracks or damage to exterior walls
  • Damaged building materials
  • Walls that slope irregularly or buckle

Don't take any chances with your investment. Phone our licensed technicians today to request a no-risk estimate.

Electrical Inspection

A comprehensive electrical inspection can mean the difference between having peace of mind and being at risk for serious concerns like fire and electrocution hazards. Our licensed inspectors know how important it is to keep you and everyone safe inside your home or office.

We take our time checking every outlet, circuit, appliance, and wiring configuration possible, so you can rest assured your building is safe and meets all building code and safety requirements.

Things to Look for in a Home Inspection

In Montana, the law offers very little in the way of protection for buyers when it comes to disclosures from the seller. While a selling agent is obligated to disclose any known facts that may detract from the home's overall value, they are not required to perform an inspection themselves. This means it is up to you to hire a certified home inspector.

While this isn't our full checklist, here are some of the most common things we look for during inspections:

  • Water damage and mold
  • Drainage issues
  • Plumbing problems
  • Heating and cooling systems that are failing
  • Electrical and wiring issues
  • Wildlife and pest infestation control and removal
  • Fire damage and electrical hazards of any type
  • Chemicals and other types of toxins
  • Building code violations and any major structural damage
  • Anything that can present as a tripping hazard

Protect your investment and save yourself a lot of time, work, and hassle. Give us a call to book an appointment.

New Construction Home Inspection

Consider this, even a home freshly built to your exact specifications can contain some errors. This is because things get missed or rushed during the construction process.

Since most building contractors provide a one-year warranty on their work after you take up residence in your new property, we recommend completing a new construction home inspection on or before the 11th month of that year period. This way, you'll have the time you need to address any concerns with your builder.

Reliable and Thorough Real Estate Inspectors

When our licensed real estate inspectors enter your home or prospective new property, we take our responsibility to you very seriously. Although we have a standard checklist, we are also committed to going above and beyond to inspect special features, hard-to-reach areas and anything that might present a problem for you now or in the future.

Comprehensive Commercial Property Inspections

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections is proud to specialize in commercial property inspections. We provide thorough service solutions to give business owners just what they need to succeed. Whether you’re a commercial developer or looking to lease a property, you can take advantage of our services to ensure the safety of your investment. For all your property needs, look to us as your inspector of choice.

Clear Communication, Robust Reporting

We use the gold standard in home inspection reporting methods to provide a complete rundown of your property’s condition and structural safety. Our approach is tested, trusted, and proven to work, giving you all the information you need in clear, easy-to-understand language. We keep an open line of communication, and we always discuss our findings with you in person so you know precisely where you stand.

Your Leading Local Property Inspector

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Timely, dependable, professional—why wait? We know we’re your best bet for local property inspections. Great Falls’ homes and businesses stay safe thanks to our skill and expertise. We’ve helped countless clients over the years, and they’ve all appreciated our services as a result. We’re confident you will, too.

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