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Property Inspector in Helena

When you want to make an informed decision during the home-buying process, the property inspectors at Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections are here to help you. Offering the most comprehensive residential and commercial property inspections in the Helena region, we give you the information you need to move forward.

Grant yourself clarity and some much-needed peace of mind. Contact us at (406) 799-3917 now to schedule our valued property inspection services.

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In-depth Approach to Inspections

Clients come to us because they want a thorough inspection. They want to know about the home's electrical systems, the interior plumbing, the property's septic tank, and the overall structural integrity of the property. We tell them all there is to know about their potential home's plumbing and electrical systems—but that's not all.

When we tell our clients we take an in-depth approach to the home inspection, we are not kidding. Here, we even go so far as to inspect the property for mold. We check the crawlspaces, the attic, and everywhere in between—and we don't just rely on our eyes to find these problems, either. We also conduct tests to determine the quality of the air in the property, as well. Our findings during these tests will let us know if there are other issues hiding out of plain sight.

Helena’s Premier Property Inspector

We at Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections have been in business a long time, serving Helena and the surrounding community. In our time, we have established ourselves as the premier company for residential and commercial property inspections in the area.

How have we done this? The answer’s simple.

We have combined our years of experience with a focus on client satisfaction. We put our clients first at every step of our process, ensuring they get the proper guidance to make the right decision. During the property inspection, we do comprehensive reports, competitive prices, and thorough assessments in all our services.

Here are just some of our property inspection services:

  • Commercial properties
  • Residential properties
  • Building inspections
  • Homebuyer and seller inspections
  • Homebuyer and seller inspections
  • Mold and air quality inspections
  • Electrical inspections
  • And more!

There is no doubt that we will be able to help you with our comprehensive list of services. No matter what you need, we can handle it. If you need a service that we haven’t listed, call us at (406) 799-3917 today to inquire about your specific service.

Helena’s Trusted Property Inspector

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections is proud to be Helena's trusted property inspector, and we constantly strive to provide unmatched, high-quality customer service. When you hire our company for a residential or commercial inspection, you’ll quickly notice that we prioritize our clients' needs above everything else and provide them with customized services based on their unique situations. All our licensed inspectors will operate objectively and transparently while answering any questions or concerns you may have. Since we value every customer and care about providing them with outstanding service, we always welcome their feedback.

When you hire us, you can expect to benefit from the following:

  • Efficient services
  • Fast turnarounds on inspection reports
  • Comprehensive inspections and reports
  • Licensed and certified property inspectors
  • Objective advice and guidance
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Competitive rates

We're here to serve you better. If you're looking for a professional and accurate property inspector, contact our office today!

Commercial Property Inspections

We are proud to offer thorough property inspections for all types of businesses in Helena. We have years of experience, which allows us to offer reliable and cutting-edge inspection methods for your business, whether you’re buying or selling. We want to give you all the information you need to make your investment and transition smooth and simple. This will help you have confidence, regardless of whether you’re starting a new business, changing locations, or looking to get an honest value for your business.

We offer property inspection services for all types of commercial properties, including:

  • Commercial developers
  • Offices
  • Medical spaces
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Retail
  • Hospitality services
  • Corporate
  • Industrial buildings
  • And more!

Commercial property investments are most necessary when either buying or selling a property. Don’t overlook the importance of such an inspection to protect your investment. To understand the building you’re looking to buy or sell, call Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections for an experienced and client-oriented commercial property inspection.

Residential Property Inspections

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections is happy to work with both homebuyers and sellers to ensure you’re protecting yourself over the course of your transaction. We are always dedicated to providing an honest and impartial assessment of your property so that you know all of the details before you proceed with any deal. It’s our comprehensiveness and honesty that set us apart. We never want to leave a stone unturned in your property. It’s so important that you know everything about your building.

We have been working for years providing certified and impartial reporting on the safety of the structure and systems of homes in Helena. We partner with realtors, property managers, and buyers or sellers to help them understand the state of their buildings. This is how we help you make objective and informed decisions concerning home purchasing and work that may need to be done to meet safety standards.

Here are the elements of your home we are certified to inspect:

  • Structure and foundations
  • Electrical
  • Air quality
  • FHA water well testing
  • Mold testing
  • Water radon testing
  • And more

If you are looking for a thorough and honest home inspection, call us at (406) 799-3917 today!

Fiber Optic Scoping Services

We utilize fiber optic cameras when we need to inspect those hard-to-reach areas, the plumbing, and more. Our cameras will tell us all we need to know about those vital components that are harder to access.

Have you found your dream home on the housing market? Are you looking to find out all there is to know about the property? If so, contact us. From the plumbing to the structural integrity of the place, we will tell you all there is to know. Call us today.

Real Estate Inspection Reports

We do more than jot down our findings in a notepad. Here, our certified property inspectors commit all of our inspection findings into detailed reports. What's more, we also include photographs in the reports, too. These photographs serve as supplements to the information in the reports. Needless to say, we place a strong emphasis on the small details of the home inspection process.

We believe it is important for both buyers and sellers to know the state of the property in question. The more detailed our inspection reports are, the greater confidence both parties have during the decision-making process.

Thorough Air Quality Inspections

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality is essential for both residential and commercial properties. When you hire Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections, our certified inspectors can detect poor air quality.

When a property is inhabited, it can easily become contaminated with smoke, moisture, and other pollutants, leading to detrimental health consequences for the residents. Poor air quality can also impact everything from the structural integrity of your property to the resale value. When you make an investment as significant as purchasing a new home, maintaining that investment is the best approach to homeownership and air quality is part of that upkeep.

If your home or business is due for an air quality inspection, Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections can help you. We offer a complete range of air quality services designed to detect and remove air quality issues for good. Whether you're looking to improve airflow, eliminate mold spores, or identify lead, radon, or asbestos contaminants, we're the company for you.

When we arrive at your home or business on a service call, we’ll perform general air quality, moisture, and radon tests, as well as any other inspections your property requires. We’ll walk you through the process and keep you notified of what we're doing to mitigate and manage any issues.

Don't put yourself or your loved ones at risk of poor air quality. Contact us today to book a risk-free consultation.

Inspect Your Property for Mold

Living in a property with mold lingering on the walls and in the air can present many health risks, not to mention reduce the value of your property. If you're in the midst of selling your home or business property, you need to be prepared to detect and deal with any mold so that your sale isn’t delayed or stopped. If you're in the market to purchase real estate, a thorough and accurate mold test should be done before closing any deal.

Above & Beyond Certified Home Inspections is a certified and licensed mold inspector with years of experience. Our inspection experts use advanced techniques and have access to state-of-the-art equipment to help them detect the presence of mold in your real estate property. Contact our office today at (406) 799-3917 for more information or a risk-free consultation.

Schedule Your Property Inspection Today

If you are looking for the unbiased opinion of a certified professional, you'll find no one better suited to serve you than us. Over the years, we have inspected properties of all distinctions. With the help of air quality tests, mold inspections, and fiber optic scoping, we are able to give our clients more valuable information than they could have ever hoped for.

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments the average American undertakes. We help you eliminate as many risks as possible. Call (406) 799-3917 to schedule your commercial property or home inspection today.

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